Thursday, 27 August 2009

time to get active

a couple of action points:

1. a reminder that the pay equity petition closes on 1 september. if you have any signed sheets, please get them in the mail as soon as possible. the petition will be presented to parliament on 17 september, the sitting day closest to women's suffrage day.

2. i received this request by email:

Sandra Coney has asked that as many people as possible write to the Ministry of Health, AND to the Minister of Health, asking that thefull report of the 1988 Cartwright Inquiry be put on the MoH website. Its currently not there, and its out of print so not easily accessible to the general public - and it obviously needs to be when there are seemingly creditable people like Prof Linda Bryder writing negative nonsense publicly about the effects of that Report.

Director-General, Ministry of Health:
Minister of Health:

3. we haven't really covered the dispute between telecom and current employees who they are trying to turn into dependent contractors. it's another way to pay less than the minimum wage. more details about the issue can be found here and here and here. in summary:

You may be aware that Telecom is reorganising the provision of maintenance and broadband implementation services so that technicians who are currently employees will be forced at great expense to become private contractors. For the privilege of doing this they will incur considerable set up costs, earn less money and have no job security. The saved profits will be distributed between Telecom and an Australian Company Visionstream.

Matt McCarten summarises the struggle eloquently here. More details can be found at the EPMU’s website at

If Telecom succeeds you can bet that many other corporations will try to achieve the same thing.

The campaign will need funding. To help you can instantly make a $10 donation by ringing 0900 STAND TALL (0900 782638255). Please consider making a donation and circulate this message.

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