Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wellington Reclaim the Night event: how to get involved

Message from the VUWSA Women's Group:
We are planning a meeting for those interested in getting involved with Reclaim the Night this Thursday at the Railway Station around 5ish. When I find out which room we are in I will send around an email.

Basically what we will do in this intial meeting is:
  • Discuss past Reclaim the Night Marches, the aims, goals and history of the event (briefly)
  • What worked/what didn't with past marches
  • To decide on a date of when we want to hold this event
  • To decide what route to take with the event
  • To decide what we want to do with the event
You can join the VUWSA Women's Group on Facebook to keep in touch too.

Good luck to the organisers :-)

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spikybombshell said...

Hi all,

Reclaim the night meeting for this Thursday 13th August (Thanks to Anita for booking the room) is in Room 208 in the VUW annexe in the Railway Station from 5:30-7:30. When you come out of the lifts on level two turn right then go straight ahead (rather than right again into the library) the room is on the left hand side of the corridor. It has windows out onto Thorndon Quay.

The railway part of VUW can be accessed through the main part of the railway station, the entry is across from "Trax bar" looking out toward the New World.

Bring some food if you want to :)

Look forward to seeing people there, feel free to bring anyone..

Give me a txt or an email if you need any help finding it 0272093890/

Kim Dobson