Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Quick hit: Birthing choice to be restricted across ditch?

From Dita de Boni's blog on the Herald site last week:
In Australia, midwives have around two more years to attend home births before their doing so becomes a lot more difficult.

The Federal Government across the ditch had been debating new law around home births all year.

It had planned to make registration of private midwives attending Australia's 1000 plus home births difficult, as these midwives would have needed medical indemnity cover - which they currently can't get - to be able to register and practise.

A "mother of all rallies" was held with 2000 women and their home birthed babies marching on Canberra to protest the law, and opposing what they consider a restriction of choice.

The Liberal Government gave home birthers a reprieve until 2012, at which time the lack of this misadventure insurance looks set to potentially force the whole movement underground.
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Again and again we seem to deal with these issues of denying women choice about their own bodies. Frankly I can't see myself ever choosing a home birth, but it's an important option that needs to be available to those that want it.


Anonymous said...

Part of the "problem" with home births may be the lack of transparency. That is, a pregnant women doesn't know whether her midwife (or indeed any medical practitioner) has had mishaps in the past, ie that their actions have caused death or injury to a baby and/or mother. Is very much Russian roulette with midwifes, some are wonderful (I had two excellent ones for my two children) whereas some are shocking, yet they are allowed to keep on practicing. Women should have access to all information about a midwife's practice so they can make informed and educated choices.

katy said...

Yeah - this seems to be about regulating midwives.