Friday, 9 October 2009

NZ Herald sparks facepalm

From this article.

Auckland City Council parks officer Graeme Davies followed a woman and child around the Domain's Wintergardens pavilion yesterday afternoon concerned that the little girl, who looked to be about 2 years old, was Aisling... She looked a lot like the girl that's been in the media. A council ranger approached the woman and asked who the little girl was. She said, 'My daughter', but she was Asian with long dark hair and the girl was European."
I am glad to see the police making the [I can't believe it is necessary] move of asking Aucklanders not to persecute Asian woman over this. Perhaps the time is also right to remind Aucklanders that there are a number of very legit reasons why an "Asian" woman's daughter might look "European".


Brett Dale said...

If the only reason this councilor followed this woman in the park was because her daughter was European, then that is disgusting.

If on the other hand the child looked liked the missing girl, then that is a different issue.

Chris said...

I am familiar with the Council officer, knowing him in a professional capacity.

I have no reason to doubt that Mr Davies followed the girl because she looked like Aisling. I doubt seriously that he would follow the woman and child around for any other reason.

Anonymous said...

The article did say that the little girl looked like the missing girl. He also asked several park workers in the domain for their opinion, and they all agreed that she looked like the missing girl. The policeman had to hold a photo of the missing girl next to the girl in the domain before he could decide that they weren't the same girl. As long as this is handled with sensitivity and caring I don't see the problem. Many young children are superficially similar in appearance. I was stopped about 5 years ago when leaving the Easter Show - a little girl was missing at the show and I was leaving with a little girl (my daughter). The security man who stopped me was polite and explained why I had been stopped, and after a couple of minutes we were cleared to leave. I would much rather this scenario, than a stranger with my young daughter go unchallenged and allowed to escape.

The ex-expat said...

Yeah I'm used to the flip side. While the Suit and I are white and pasty The Child is clearly not so we get a few looks and weird comments from time to time.