Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A real knees-up

Enough doom and gloom - I thought my first post as a Hand-Mirrorista should be up-beat. As an ancient 70s feminist I always get a real buzz from stories like the one in today's Dom-Post about Dr Vickie Shim.

She's just beaten 600 other people from around the world to take out the Young Investigator Award from the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering. She did it by creating a computer model of the human knee - the most complex and most injured joint in the body - to "predict what's happening inside without having to cut it open".

When I left school you didn't see stories like this. Ever. So I read this and I think "Young woman. Brilliant bioengineer. You go, girl!"

On the other hand... the same rugby game playing at the same time on no less than three TV channels???


Brett Dale said...

Welcome to New Zealand, who runs the media in this country well its the NZRFU.

katy said...

Welcome Anne!

This is a great story. The disappointing news is that women continue to be underrepresented as scientists, particularly the further up the ranks you go :(

Anonymous said...

As another ancient 70s survivor, I am stunned by the number of blogs written by women aged in their late 20s to mid 40s that have shades of my mother's life. The bloggers I am referring to are all well educated, some are part-time university tutors, many are PhD or graduate students, all have children, there is the occasional mention of the supportive "hubby" - yet all these women are either knitting, sewing and baking their way into a domestic corner. I have nothing against crafts and domestic life, but not when these activities become your only creative outlet - while the man of the house pays for this comfortable, and ultimately, deadend existence. End of rant.