Friday, 30 October 2009

thank you, mr borrows

backbenchers on channel 7 had a gem of a moment this week. on the panel were hon annette king, john boscowan, sue bradford and chester borrows. as you would expect, there was a debate about the amendment to s59 of the crimes act. as many of you will know, mr boscowan has a member's bill drawn from the ballot which seeks to amend s59 even further. mr boscowan's describes his bill as bringing in the "chester borrows" amendment, which would have brought in a detailed description of what "reasonable force" might entail.

well, the gem was to hear mr borrows tell mr boscowan that the bill was in fact a "nanny state" state amendment that sought to go into people's homes and tell them exactly in what manner they were allowed to hit their children. i'm sure i haven't got the wording exactly right, but it was in effect what mr borrows said. he totally disowned it the bill, and was thanked both by ms king and ms bradford later in the programme. it was absolutely brilliant.

i would also like to sincerely thank you mr borrows for your change of stance. please be more vocal about it.

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katy said...

I saw this too, it was a fabulous moment!