Monday, 2 November 2009

You want pies with that?

If you haven't already, I command you to see the movie Waitress.

Yes you might find yourself grinding your teeth a bit that even merely uttering the word abortion in the context of a unplanned pregnancy is banned. But then you wouldn't get the rest of the film if the lead character had decided to go that route and the rest of the film really is a delight both in terms of the story line and the scrumptious pies that fill the screen. Kerri Russell's character, Jenna, is known for her pie-making abilities. She can create a pie recipe on the spur of the moment and can execute the pie to the final product beautifully.

One particular pie, the marshmallow mermaid pie, looked so yummy I just had to make it. Fortunately we live in the age of google and I was able to locate a recipe. While the pie could easily have been described as a 'heart attack pie' as it's basically melted marsmallows combined with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, boy does it taste good. The Americans do junk food well.

Of course I couldn't just stop at one pie, and found myself making a delightful quiche for dinner as well. This is when I remembered why I don't make pies very often, pastry. Pastry and I have a very dysfunctional relationship. There's lots of crying and tantrums especially as they temperatures in the kitchen heat up.

But where was I? Waitress, yes you should see it and feel very sad that the writer and director, Adrienne Shelly, who played the role of Dawn was murdered before the film was released leaving behind her little girl who has a brief cameo at the end of the film.

Yes I realize the irony in this post considering my last rant


sas said...

Its a brilliant movie. One of my favourites.

Julie said...

So is pie the new cupcake?

Are cupcakes going stale?

The ex-expat said...

My cupcakes are awesome but pie is my new obsession.