Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Hand Mixer - Lazy Saturday Brunch Edition

This has been on the down low a bit while we tried it out in November, but we would love to see you at The Library Cafe, Princes St, Onehunga, on December 5th from 10am - approx. 12noon, for brunchy goodness and general feministy mixing and mingling.

More on Facebook here.

This is basically a very low maintenance version of a Hand Mixer. It's a child friendly venue (and Wriggly will be there), and also caters for a wide variety of diets, including platters of healthy goodies for the kidlets. We're hoping to make this a monthly thing in 2010 - first Saturday of the month.

What we need is a suggestion about something to put on the table so that people know they are in the right spot if they don't know others on sight. Any ideas?

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