Monday, 8 February 2010

The experiment continues

If you have a pretty long memory for a blog reader, you might recall that I've been testing Bio Oil on my cat bites for Pretty Pretty Pretty. I've got an update up there, thanks to the awesome Amy and Jo for the opportunity :-)


Grace Dalley said...

Sounds like you're casting aspersions on our attention spans there?

To my sceptical mind, if the "bio-oil" was helping, the difference would be obvious. From your photos, the treated scar doesn't look significantly different from the untreated scar.

I've heard that simply rubbing scars aids in healing as it promotes good circulation. Perhaps one can dispense with the expense and just use a bit of friction. :-)

Julie said...

Two months is quite a long time in Blogland, especially with Xmas in between. I was more casting aspersions on my own slackness with updating on the progress.

It's interesting that you don't see a lot of difference between the scars in the pic. I don't see much difference when I look at my hand, and was a little concerned that the photo overstated the difference, but maybe not!