Sunday, 14 February 2010

More Not News

Because apparently there is not enough actual investigative stuff to be doing, so the Sunday Star Times decided report on a Durex poll about sexiest New Zealanders. To make it worse they didn't stop at sexiest New Zealander (male) and sexiest New Zealander (female) they made it even more irrelevant, if that was possible, by doing separate categories for male and female politicians too.

Who cares?

Why is this a news story?

Why aren't they putting some proper effort into covering actual Real News like, I don't know, the impact of the recession on people (not celebrities), following up on the cuts to Adult Community Education to see how it is actually panning out, some in depth analysis of the proposed GST hike, the cyclone that hit Aitutaki?

Instead last weekend we got front page faff about a newsreader's possible new relationship, and this week we get rubbish reportage about what is basically glorified condom advertising.


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