Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Vita Quench Water Police - Dislike

Facebook ad spotted this evening:

Sorry if you can't read it, here's the text "Know a girlfriend at work who drinks too many sugary beverages? Become a fan and report her to the Water Police and win great prizes!" Fans are encouraged to take photos of workmates who breach the "Laws of Water" and shame them publicly on Facebook. The VQPD will pick favourites and then conduct "Office Raids" at which "your colleague will be reprimanded, taped off, photographed and given great Vita Quench prizes..." The dobber-inner gets something called a "hydration pack" too. No doubt this involves lots of the powdery mix thingies, sorry "vitamin enhanced hydration in a simple sachet" that Vita Quench sell.

I'm going to pre-empt the "you feminists have no sense of humour" bingo square by stating clearly that I do get that this is supposed to be a joke. But it does form part of a larger body of diet policing, particularly towards women, and it should be seen as part of that context. Dislike. Intensely.


Anonymous said...

You mean rather than the Government of old (that you supported) who would go against any school, family or individual if they decided to drink sugary drinks or eat fried food?

You have finally jumped the shark.

Julie said...

Does that mean you agree or disagree with the post? Are you, in fact, a member of the Vita Quench Secret Police? ;-)

Personally I broadly supported the previous Govt. Certainly more than I support this one. Doesn't mean I agreed with everything they did, and actually had you been reading this blog back then you would have seen a fair bit from me about how frustrated I was with them over x, y and z.

I'm not the only person who writes on this blog Anon, and there is a significant diversity of opinion on the policies of the last, Labour-led, Govt, ranging from someone who was a candidate for Labour in 2005 and 2008 to another writer who would rather have a revolution than a Labour Govt, with a variety of people in between. We are not a monolith.