Saturday, 20 March 2010

Anarcha-Feminism Hui in April, in Wellington

What: Aotearoa Anarcha-Feminist Hui 2010
When: 2nd-5th April (Easter)
Where: Wellington
Who: "open to people of all genders, excluding cis-men (people assigned the male gender at birth who identify as male)."

Way more info on their blog

Message from the organisers (cribbed from the media statement):
People from around Aotearoa will converge on Wellington this Easter to discuss decolonisation, racism and challenging white privilege in Aotearoa. This will be the 3rd such hui in as many years, and forms part of an ongoing tradition of more than 19 years of Anarcha-Feminist organising in this country.

“...Anarcha-Feminism is a political philosophy opposed to all all kinds of domination and oppression. The movement in Aotearoa has not seriously explored the issues of racism and colonisation, and we see this hui as an opportunity to begin to change that.” said Laura Drew, one of the organisers.

Added Drew, “There is a need to acknowledge and address racism in Aotearoa and the way its effects are often down-played in the media and by the Pakeha majority.”

There will also be workshops on topics such as body image, mental health and ableism, and time for socialising and networking.

“This hui is for transgender people and women, as we recognise that both groups are adversely affected by patriarchal societies, and therefore can share experiences and strategies. We recognise that men have a role to play in fighting sexism too, and encourage men to organise an event focusing on these topics.” Drew said.

Organisers want to make the hui as accessible as possible, so have kept the cost of attendance low. Admittance, all food and accommodation is only $30-$60 sliding scale for the whole 4 day event. The venue is wheelchair accesible and free childcare will be provided throughout.

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Anonymous said...

I found this post while doing a search for something else and would like to point out how horrified I am at seeing trans men included when cis men are not.

I find that extremely invalidating to the identity of many trans men who consider themselves no different to cis men.