Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Digitising Broadsheet magazine

DigitalNZ are making two awards of up to $10,000 for organisations who have New Zealand content they want to digitise and make easier to find, share and use. They are asking people to vote for their preferred option. Broadsheet magazine, the feminist magazine that ran from 1972 until 1992, is one of the options, and it would be really good if as many Hand Mirror supporters as possible voted for it. You can vote here: run down through the first page of options and you'll find Broadsheet.


Deborah said...

The link needs fixing, Anne. It's The easiest way to find Broadsheet (and vote for it!) is to type "Broadsheet" into the search box, and then vote when it comes up.

Jo - DigitalNZ community manager said...

Hi there,
Thanks for voting for ideas on DigitalNZ. We just want to clarify with you that the Voting Tool exists separately from the Make it Digital Award. A member of the public put Broadsheet in as an idea on the Voting Tool in 2009.

The Award ( closed on March 5th 2010. I'm afraid Broadsheet was not one of the award entries.
A legal entity with permission to conduct digitisation was required to enter a project into the awards. You can have a look at the entries that did come in here:

The Voting Tool is there to give a voice to people who need digital content and it is a gentle flag to copyright holders and content providers that there is a need for their content to be digitised.
Please keep sending people the link to vote on the idea, though (direct link to the Broadsheet entry is here: ). The Voting Tool is there to enable conversation around content that people really want digitised.

Julie said...

Thanks for the posting on this AnneE, and for the further info Jo, here's a hotlink to vote directly for Broadsheet.