Monday, 29 March 2010

Feminism and the Media on Media7 this Thursday

Russell Brown explains thus:
I'm already looking forward to next week's show, which takes the 40th anniversary of the publication of The Female Eunuch as a kick-off point. We have Marilyn Waring and Gemma Gracewood with one more panellist tbc, and Sarah Daniell is interviewing Marcia Russell about memories of Thursday magazine. But more on that next week.
I can confirm that the third panellist is going to be Sophia Blair, who frequently comments here and is National Women's Rights Officer for NZUSA this year (and writing her thesis on feminist stuff!)

So tune in to TVNZ7 this Thursday at 9.10pm, or check out TVNZ On Demand afterwards (which is how I'll be attempting to watch it, seeing as how we haz no Freeview).


Russell Brown said...

Hand Mirror readers are also welcome to come along to TVNZ on Wednesday for the recording. We'd need you there about 5pm and be done by about 6.30.

If you do come, it would help if you could let me know by dropping me an email here:,

I'm very buzzed about the fact that my colleague Sarah Daniell has interviewed Marcia Russell about Thursday magazine. Thursday was cool.

Carol said...

I liked this edition of Media7, especially the panel discussion. Marilyn Waring was on fire, and it was really good to get some inter-generational discussion. The biggest problem I have with it is to do with the shortness, which makes it difficult to cover the diversity within feminism.

It was electrifying to see Germaine Greer back then with her posh British accent. I guess having her as the opening for the show has to do with her being a big part of the public face of feminism in the media - she did attract quite a few women to the cause. However, for me, I never read her, and always saw her as a bit of a populist and media attention-getter. (Though I do see more to her than that these days).

There are much more interesting and significant feminist writers from that time, although i guess few got a lot of media attention (except maybe Donna Awatere, Marilyn Waring and Sandra Coney in NZ). I think feminism has always had a problem with getting adequate mainstream media coverage.

In retrospect this Media7 edition did nothing to dispell the notion that feminism, then and now, is dominated by white, middleclass women.

Within those parameters, it DID touch on some important issues for feminism and it's representation in the media: issues of domestic violence, Waring's points about women in diverse countries and cultures, and the difference of opinion between the two young geminists about women in music videos, e.g. Lady Gaga.