Tuesday, 30 March 2010

john key to date...

someone by the name of bronwyn dutton put up a fine list of achievements/proposals by john key, which i've copied below the fold. since it's on the save radio nz facebook page which has over 20,000 members, i'm hoping she won't mind me sharing it here. a couple of missing things come to mind: significantly cutting the budget of the department of conservation; scrapping the fast forward research fund and the research & development tax credit; ending local democracy in the canterbury region.

1 Let junk food back into school tuck shops
2: Stop the phasing out of inefficient incandescent light bulbs
3: Introduce a 90 day "probation period" for employees
4. Abandon minimum fuel economy standards for cars
5: Abandon the commission to equalise wages between sexes for the same job
6: End local democracy in the Auckland Region.
7: Cut funding for adult education night classes just as a recession is taking hold
8: Increase funding for private schools.
9: Introduce "3 strikes" legislation, proved worldwide to actually worsen crime rates
10: Change New Zealand's stance on whaling without consulting the country
11: Put the issue of climate change on the back burner indefinitely
12: Rort the ministerial expenses system and get away with it.
13: Appoint Christine Rankin to the Children's Commission
14: 'Streamline' the RMA to allow for unfettered development.
15: Lift the ban on new thermal (coal and gas) electricity generation.
16: Repeal the biofuels sales obligation.
17: Refer to coal as 'sexy.'
18: Abandon the TVNZ charter
19: Propose to open up conservation land for mining
20: Introduce national educational standards in primary schools despite all the international research indicating they are a bad idea.
21: Propose cutbacks to the National Radio network and commercialisation of the Concert Programme
22: Raise GST to 15% while at the same time cutting the top tax rate
23: Proposed extensions to the 90 day probation period so that large companies will also have the ability to sack employers without giving reason.
24: Choose not to introduce a capital gains tax on people with investment properties, therefore continuing the absurd growth in house prices and rentals. (Offset this loss of potential revenue with an increase in GST & cutbacks on all of the above)
25: Halve the effectiveness of the Kiwisaver scheme byreducing employer contributions from 4 to 2%
26: Appoint Rodney Hide as minister of local government
27: Plan to cut 700 teaching positions from NZ secondary schools
28: Pass legislation to bulldoze parts of Mt Albert to build a new motorway.
29: Prepare ACC for privatisation.
30: Take a party who only got 2.2% of the vote as a coalition partner and let them call the tune.
31. Amalgamate government departments (resulting in job losses), and claim it's to "improve services" rather than just to save money.
32 increased the quota for the endangered bluefin tuna"


Carol said...

It's just so depressing how the whole "Helengrad" line was used to undermine the last Labour-led government as being undemocratic. This then made it possible for the present government to take power, only to go on to REALLY undermine democracy.

Meanwhile the mainstream press has given them a much easier time than it gave the Clark government. And we now have far less representation of and by women in positions of power.

Too depressing!

James said...

Wow...and I thought Key was a Labour lite whimp.You are right...he does have promise!

Go John...more please...and faster!


Clint Heine fisks you lasses on this here.


Julie said...

Ah James, desperate for attention yet again are you? Most transparent troll eva.

James said...

Julie.....still can't handle an opposing opinion to your nervous ninnying...?

How about debating an issue instead of just running off shrieking "Penis! Penis! bad! bad!"

stargazer said...

and there you go, just proving her point. we don't do that kind of shitty nastiness here james, best you keep your commenting to clint's blog.

James said...

and there you go, just proving her point. we don't do that kind of shitty nastiness here james, best you keep your commenting to clint's blog."

What "shitty nastiness"? Im mocking her in the best way possible...with humour!

If anyones point is proved its mine by the lemon lipped tone of your " keep evading debate" reply...

stargazer said...

sigh, mocking james is another word for trolling. you'll get a debate when you put up something to debate. i've never read clint's blog and don't intend to start now - you've proven in this thread why that's a wise decision, if this is the level it's at.

if you've got any kind of intelligent point to make, let's hear it. i'm not holding much hope.