Tuesday, 16 March 2010

things worth listening to...

in lieu of a proper post, i'll do another plug for radio nz by saying you should listen to these interviews:
  • this one with geena davis (nine to noon, friday 12th march, 10.10am) about gender equality in children's film and tv. she founded an institute to do research on this issue - go her!
  • this one with leslie kenton (also on nine to noon - you're brilliant, kathryn ryan - monday 15th march, 10.07am) about her experiences of sexual abuse
  • and this one with phil wallington (afternoons, tuesday 16 march, 13.24, and about 16 minutes into the clip), in which he tells us why he hates all sport on tv.

in regards the latter, i actually don't hate all sports on tv - i actually enjoy watching tennis, and also managed to catch a reasonable amount of the winter olympics coverage because of prime tv's live streaming. but i do agree with a lot of the points he makes and enjoyed the idea of the anti-soccer club (or some such).

sport is, after all, just another form of entertainment equivalent to movies but not reaching the pinnacles of artistic endeavour quite so often - though there are the odd moments where a particular sporting moment has all the best elements of drama and beauty that you could hope for. highly-paid sports stars are no different in my mind to highly paid actors, and very often behave much worse when they aren't performing.

in any case, back to radio nz, if you haven't joined the save radio nz facebook page, you can do so here. and you can sign a petition to the minister of braodcasting here.

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