Monday, 15 March 2010

Will the Ministry of Women's Affairs meet the deadline?

Readers may recall that I made an OIA request of the Ministry of Women's Affairs almost a month ago. I've asked for information about Government appointments to boards, as a result of the Minister's claims in Parliament on Equal Pay Day that in the October - December 2009 quarter 47% of those appointed were women.

I've not even had a form response from the MWA saying they'll get back to me, and their 20 days to fill the request, under the Official Information Act, expire on March 18th...

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Principessa said...

Is there a consequence for not fulfilling an OIA request and who's job is it to uphold it (is it the Ombudsmen)? Another thing to do is to talk to Sue Moroney and see if she's put in any written questions in around this or see if she'd be willing to do so?