Tuesday, 23 March 2010

wonderful wonderland ending

i saw my first ever 3-D movie this weekend, the full imax experience (whatever that last actually means). as you can guess from the post title, i saw alice in wonderland, and though i can't say that i totally loved the film, i did totally love the ending.

the rest of the post has spoilers, so i've hidden it below just in case you don't want to know what happens.

so, what i loved most about the ending was that alice didn't run off with a "prince charming" type character. in fact, she had no romantic involvement at all, and went off to a future where she determined the course of her life. YAY!!!!

it actually reminded of the ending of yentl, which was another great movie. and the film itself reminded me a little of the golden compass. in any case, it's nice to see a film with heroine doing all the cool stuff, finding herself and finding her courage. all in a blockbuster hollywood film. double YAY!!!!

i'd have drooled about johnny depp's performance too, but i've gone off him ever since he made statements supporting roman polanski. still, i totally enjoyed the 3-D thing, and i'm thinking that i'll have to try that again.


Boganette said...

Stephen Fry was awesome as the Cheshire Cat.

Brett Dale said...

Great Movie, needed more Alan Rickman though and great to see Chrispin Glover again.

bronwyn said...

Whilst I agree, it was great that she went off to do her own thing, wasn't that always the whole point of Alice in Wonderland? She was always slightly stroppy and headstrong, and I thought it was a shame that they didn't keep her as a girl doing this. The impression I got at the end was that she was going off to be a colonising industrialist, not necessarily something I can feel positive about!