Monday, 12 April 2010

Save the Suffrage Memorial

Auckland City has an awesomely wonderful Suffrage Memorial in the inner city, on Khartoum Pl. As a uni student I often used to deliberately walk that way up to campus from the bus stop, just to see it. It's a real asset to the city, and celebrates an important part of our history both as a nation and as women.

Yet the Suffrage Memorial is under threat, for the second time in four years. We've got a guest post coming on this to provide more detail tomorrow morning. In the meantime here's some advance notice of an opportunity to show your support for saving the Suffrage Memorial:

What: Coming along to support the National Council of Women (NCW) submissions to the Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee of Auckland City Council, strongly advocating the retention of the Suffrage Memorial
When: Tuesday 20th April at 9.30am
Where: Level 15 of the Civic Building (1 Greys Ave, CBD). This meeting is definitely open to the public.

If you can't come on the 20th but want to show the councillors on the committee that you support the Suffrage Memorial, you can contact them directly, as follows:

Cr Greg Moyle (Chair)
Cr Toni Millar (Deputy Chair)
Cr Ken Baguley
Cr Cathy Casey
Cr Bill Christian
Cr Glenda Fryer
Cr John Lister
John Banks (Mayor)
Cr David Hay (Deputy Mayor)

And here's a couple of links to tide you over until the guest post:


Paul said...

Not again. There really is something insufferably pompous about the Art Gallery wanting a grand staircase to show its new extension, when there is a perfectly good staircase in situ, one which honours New Zealand becoming a democracy.

M said...

I can't believe they're trying to rip this out again. I love that memorial and also used to deliberately walk through it on my way to and from home up the hill.
Surely the fact that they've tried so many times to demolish it and failed should speak volumes?