Sunday, 9 May 2010

watching the machine at work

so, since i started watching american idol this year, i find that i quickly had a favourite. not that i can manage to concentrate through the whole show on friday night, and i mostly can't bear the follow-up show on saturday night. but still, having a favourite keeps my interest enough to keep following.

and yet i feel a little sad i watch the competition progress. mostly because, in the initial stages, we get to see these people as they really are. unpolished, but charmingly natural. they are people who don't fit the hollywood/music industry standards of beauty, or hotness if you will.

what i like about mr dewyze is that shyness, and the sense of integrity you get from him. there's a total lack of arrogance and cockiness that i find quite sweet. as the weeks go by, he's starting to lose some of that, and while it may be crucial for his success on the show, it's quite sad to watch happening.

i see similar changes with crystal bowersox. i liked her a lot better at the beginning with her unique style and look. but as each week goes by, she slips more and more into conformity, and loses that which makes her unique. it's like idol is a machine that packages and processes natural talent, til it's hardly recognisable. adam lambert is the perfect example.

maybe it's just me, but i prefer the natural talent without all the additives and preservatives. so as a reminder of how he use to be before he was "discovered" by idol, here's a taste of mr dewyze's first two albums, which i thought were quite lovely. enjoy.

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