Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Save the Suffrage Memorial Petition online

The National Council of Women campaign to retain the Suffrage Memorial at its original site in Auckland is gaining pace, and you can help out by:
  1. Going to the Suffrage Memorial campaign web page
  2. Clicking to download their petition to the appropriate committee of the Auckland City Council (petition form, and coversheet with info, in the box on the right of the campaign page)
  3. Gathering signatures on your petition pages
  4. Sending it back to NCW by the 17th August deadline (details on the bottom of the petition form)
I'm going to print some out for work today and see what I can do to help.

There have also been some great letters to the editor in support of the Suffrage Memorial recently, and any Facebookers wanting to express their solidarity could join the Friends of the Auckland Suffrage Memorial group.

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