Saturday, 19 June 2010

teen zines

found via feministing, this excellent blog called the seventeen magazine project, in which a young woman decides to follow all the tips in a teen magazine for a month. from the feministing piece:

The Seventeen Magazine Project is a part of the new generation of self-experiment blogs, post Julie-Julia era, only this time around the issues are closer to home. Body image, beauty, and teenage culture are only a few of the subject matters addressed through Jamie's research. It almost seems impossible to think that Jamie followed all diet and exercise suggestions, utilize all beauty tips, and consume all media recommended by Seventeen Magazine, but she did. Her reflections will aid those women of her generation and hopefully inspire audiences of older women's mags to see the craziness that is "women's publishing."

The blog is a space for Jaime to share all of her daily recordings and analyses and is proving to raise many important questions regarding young women in the media: What are acceptable body image messages? Which beauty tips are necessary at all? What kind of substantial content can replace the already existing articles and messages in forums like Seventeen? Who's responsible for answering these questions--the editors, writers, or readers?

i haven't read through too many of the posts, due to lack of time, but i really liked this one, especially the graphs!

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