Friday, 16 July 2010

Cupcake icing weirdness

I find this a bit creepy, putting a pic of the birthday person on cupcakes that everyone then eats.

What do you think dear readers?


Irony Maiden said...

Definitely creepy. In a Soylent Green kind of way.

McFlock said...

Definitely creepy, but is the picture even digestible?

No, I'm not talking about the looks of the person in the picture :)

It's a good idea to blend high-res pics and 3d decoration (like pebbles), but I don't like too much frippery getting between me and my food. Although I'm a bit of a gourmand, admittedly.

Maybe non-toxic ink on ricepaper?

ScubaNurse said...

Its sort of creepy but imagine other uses... Have a solstice party and rather than burning wishes, print them on a cake and EAT them! Alternatively if someone looses an argument or bet you can literally make them eat thier words.

ScubaNurse said...
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Violet said...

I'm sure there's a culture out there somewhere that likens the practice to metaphorical cannabalism - or would, if it were available.