Monday, 26 July 2010

Save the Suffrage Memorial petition now able to be signed online

In addition to the physical petition forms which you can download from the National Council of Women site, there is now an online petition you can sign to show your support for retaining the Suffrage Memorial on Khartoum Pl in Auckland.

Deadline for signatures, to both petition formats, is August 17th, so now's good. 

You can find out more about the campaign to save this important monument to a vital part of our democratic history here.


Anonymous said...

Why would you want to save that?
It's hideous.

Julie said...

Because it's all about you Anon and the only purpose public art should have is to be liked by you. /sarcasm

M said...

I have emailed the link to the petition to as many people as I can think of, who would be interested. It would be such a shame if this were removed.