Sunday, 1 August 2010

New laydee plus new pro-choice group

Sophia presents the very wittily named feminist foodie blog In The Gateaux.

And there's a new pro-choice group around, Mothers For Choice, which some of the writers here are involved with (including me).  There's a Facebook supporters page plus a twitter feed, and here's a little run down of what the group is about:

Mothers For Choice is a group of women from Aotearoa NZ who are mothers and hold a pro-choice position on abortion.

We include amongst our number mothers who have one child, several children; are single, married, in a civil union, in a defacto relationship, widowed, separated; have had fertility problems, have suffered miscarriages, have had unplanned pregnancies, have had abortions; are step-mothers; are religious, are atheists, are agnostic; and hail from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds.

We define a pro-choice position on abortion as: respecting the right of individual women to choose for themselves whether or not to continue a pregnancy, without the need to seek permission from anyone else for a termination.
As always, if you have any links to NZ women's blogs (on anything, and they don't need to be feminist) that you want to share, including your own, do indulge in comments. 

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