Tuesday, 7 September 2010

People writing about the earthquake

Posts from women in our blogroll about the earthquake and its aftermath

Women who are in Canterbury:

Amanda at Pickled Think: Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Stories

Ruth's Reflections: Sleepless in Seismicland. Ruth has a series of posts about the quake, and photos of her neighbourhood.

Women elsewhere in New Zealand:

Megan at Craft is the New Black: Shaken

Ele at Homepaddock: Miracle it's only a disaster

In the Gateaux: The economic value of earthquakes

Maidennz: The image that sticks in her mind from the Christchurch earthquake

Aotearoa: a wider perspective: Wow, my first earthquake and thank god my sister in law’s OK.

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homepaddock said...

Thanks for the link and the list- some very good reading there.