Wednesday, 13 October 2010

save gender & women's studies at vic

just received this notice that women in wellington may be interested in:


The GWS working party has just released a consultation document saying they want to cut the GWS programme! For more information and to download the consultation document, check the VUWSA website.

Just like last time "consultation" is a sham. It doesn't matter how good a submission is written. They handpick a group of people with the conclusion already agreed on. The only way to stop this is a public campaign to force the University to back down.

VUWSA will be holding a meeting on Monday 18th October at 10am in Meeting Room 1, Student Union Building, Kelburn Campus to meet with students who are interested in the proposed changes, to talk about a student stance and a plan of attack.

For anymore information and if you are interested in joining a campaign committee please email the VUWSA Education Organiser, Fiona Beals, at


Psycho Milt said...

All the universities are being forced into pretty intensive rationalisation due to the current financial constraints. These are only going to get worse over the next few years as the govt starts basing funding on its latest set of warped performance measures.

In other words, if VUW is looking to cancel this programme "due to financial reasons," they've probably got good reasons for doing so. My place also has various programmes that attract far too few students for the amount they cost to run, and their chances of surviving the next few years are remote. If VUWSA is determined to "save" the GWS programme, is it planning to put up funding for it? Perhaps petition for higher course fees? If not, how exactly are they proposing it should be saved?

Hugh said...

Milt my guess is that the VUWSA's position is that the government should redirect funding from less worthy areas into Universities, thus meaning these courses don't have to be slashed.

Psycho Milt said...

You're guessing they have some sense - but based on looking at their Facebook page on this, I don't think they do. They're directing their anger at the VUW administration.

Hugh said...

Yes, well, they're certainly not directing their activism at the right place.

But I'm pretty sure they would reject the "We have to cut something, if not this, then what" argument, and that's the grounds on which they'd do so.