Wednesday, 27 October 2010

what i'd like to see on tv

i've decided i'm a fan of jo frost. it's only happened recently. and it's not like i agree with every bit of advice she gives. and it's certainly that i watch her supernanny stuff religiously - i've only watched a few episodes really. and i caught that extreme parenting thing that was on tv1 recently.

no, what decided me was on an online survey i did for the channel recently. i wish i had thought to save some of the questions & answers. they were pretty wierd, asking which people you identified with the channel & the like. there were more standard questions about what kind of people you would like to see more of.

sorry that my memory is so vague, all i recall is giving answers about how i'd like to see a lot more diversity in the types of people we got to see. so i remember clicking judy dench, helen mirren & the like a few times. there were actually some women of colour in the choices as well, and i remember clicking on them as well.

when i then had to justify some of my choices, it got me thinking what i want to see more of. and jo frost (who i had also chosen a few times) really was the symbol of what i'd like to see. here is a strong character, with strong ethics, not conventionally attractive, not young & not thin. just a natural, normal person doing (mostly) good stuff. she's someone who commands respect, is assertive without being nasty, has compassion and is just herself. of course her field of work is pretty traditional for women, but that's really the only thing traditional about her.

she actually reminds me how much of a fan i am of cher (as an actress rather than a singer). the thing i loved about her so much was that she always played strong characters that took no nonsense, wouldn't allow themselves to be pushed around, and she just had a commanding presence. yup, i really would like to see more of that on tv.

which makes me think i should probably watch the new show with jada pinkett-smith, hawthorne. looks like it might deliver something similar. here's hoping.

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Anna S said...

Jo Frost was on the telly last night, she was very perceptive about a family's problems, and I think she really did help the mum choose some better parenting strategies.