Monday, 20 December 2010

Latest Women's Studies Journal: More on the "unfortunate experiment"

Volume 24:2 of the Women's Studies Journal is now available. It's free online here.
This issue focuses on the "unfortunate experiment", the Cartwright Inquiry and cervical cancer.
Contents include:
Anne Else, "The 'unfortunate experiment' and the Cartwright Inquiry, twenty years on: why getting it right matters"
Phillida Bunkle, "Patient centred ethics, the Cartwright Inquiry and feminism: Identifying the central fallacy in Linda Bryder, A History of the ‘Unfortunate Experiment’ at National Women’s Hospital"
Christy Parker, One for the girls?: Cervical cancer prevention and the introduction of the HPV vaccine in Aotearoa New Zealand"
Rhonda Shaw and Christine Donovan, "Cultural safety: Nurses’ accounts of negotiating the order of things"

There's also an editorial by Sue Jackson and Ann Weatherall, articles on autism and on older women managing their resources, and reviews of new books on sex work and on Amy Bock.

And here's another fascinating article about gender and archaeology, from Archnews (UK). (It's a little difficult to read - the writer is Francesca Bouaoun, so English is probably not her first language.)

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Anonymous said...

It appears the writer of the archaeology article (Francesca Bouaoun) is from Scotland, so her English is probably as good as anyone's. ;) About to get into the Women's Studies Journal - thanks.