Monday, 17 January 2011

Breaking: Suffrage Memorial to stay says Mayor Brown - Wohooo!

Just got an email through of Len Brown's latest media statement, which I've copied below:
Mayor acts to protect suffrage memorial
The Mayor has acted on an election promise to save a memorial commemorating 100 years of the suffrage movement in New Zealand.
During the election campaign, Len Brown signed a petition to keep the memorial in its current position in Khartoum Place.

At that time, the Mayor promised to fight to keep the memorial in Khartoum Place, saying it represented one of the most significant events in New Zealand history – becoming the first nation to give women the vote.

His promise followed suggestions that the memorial should be moved to make way for a set of ‘Spanish Steps’ from Lorne St to better profile the Auckland Art Gallery, which is currently undergoing a $121 million upgrade.

The memorial was unveiled in 1993 by Irish President Mary Robinson and Governor-General Dame Catherine Tizard.

The Mayor says he is not opposed to measures to clean up Khartoum Place and to make it more attractive for Aucklanders and visitors.

“There is much that can be done to improve the environment around the memorial,” says Len Brown. “The one thing that is not negotiable is the position of this monument to the suffrage movement.”

The decision on Khartoum Place is one of the Mayor’s 100 Projects in 100 days.


Well done everyone who has worked so so hard to save the Suffrage Memorial, and for the second time in recent history too.

So nice to have a win for once!

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Jackie Clark said...

I am so glad that something you all fought for so hard is coming to fruition.