Monday, 3 January 2011

What are your plans for 2011?

The New Year has drifted upon us, in a haze of summer days. Did you make any New Year resolutions? And what are your plans for 2011? Leave a comment and tell us what's in store for you this year.


Deborah said...

We're still in transit: we're back in New Zealand, but all our stuff is somewhere in the middle of the Tasman, and we've yet to head for the town where we will be living. So I've not focused much on the New Year. However, I have made two resolutions: I'm going to drink more herbal tea, instead of drinking more wine, and I'm going to wear more pretty things (many thanks to Meganfor that inspiration).

I've got a new job starting in a few weeks, teaching in an area that's new to me as a teacher, 'though I do have expertise in it. It will occupy a lot of my attention, along with settling myself and my partner and our lovely girls back into New Zealand.

This year I'm hoping to meet some more of the women who blog here, and some of the people who read and comment here.

And of course, there's that election looming. I guess we will all get quite busy around that.

stef said...

I am going to study hard and go to africa.

Anonymous said...

Get a new job, buy a house, wear pretty things and refuse to sweat it if life and mental health requirements get in the way of any of those things.

anna caro said...

Finish study, write a lot, a bit of traveling in Europe, read things, bake things and spend less time getting angry with the news media :)

Anonymous said...

Study hard, work hard, play hard, lots of family life, NZ travel, sell my house (finally!), work in social practise possibly, write lots, paint lots, no Facebook, blog and comment, continue to follow Politics, keep up the Christian studies, help out in the election for a minor party, and enjoy the year! Wear lovely clothes and to lose more weight! Blog to my heart's galore.

Happy new Year!

Tanya/Betty Blue said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, not change my blogname for a whole year, at least. Also, to find a part time job, I hope.

Tanya/Betty Blue

Maia said...

My resolutions this year are: buy clothes and watch television.

I specialise in frivolous and easy to complete resolutions. Last year resolved to keep track of Joss Whedon projects, drink more and take more drugs (tick, tick, tick).

I also have to do the grunt work on my PhD, but that's not so much a resolution as a reality.

Boganette said...

I'm going to organise more Feministy drinks. Last year it was so awesome to meet so many feminist bloggers who have inspired me (all in one go too!). I aim to do this as often as I can.

And nap more.

Anonymous said...

When and where will these drinks be? Sounsd like fun, thanks,


Boganette said...


I didn't organise it but I wholeheartedly endorse it.