Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Have some fun

It's election year, and Family First are responding by running a poll about how the government should leave families alone, except poor families and women, and also the government should define families more.

Go have your say it's all democratic like.

Possibly we should also take a poll on favourite illustration. I'm quite taken by the poor soft toys being exposed to a bra.


Scuba Nurse said...

Did it, loved doing it!
I thougth the toys were sheltering behind the bra.
No doubt because it was fearfull of all the single mother lesbian aborting feminazis descending upon the site.

Maia said...

Good point. Bras would make really good cover if you were a soft toy, and they weren't made of cloth.

Hugh said...

I really hope they have the courage to publish the results.

Deborah said...

In their suggestion box, I advocated looking at copyright law, especially with respect to the use of unsourced and plagiarised images on web sites.

Do you think they will get it?

Tamara said...

My fave pic was the one of the heavily pregnant woman attached to the item about requiring doctors to inform women re abortions. Cause a pregnancy under 12 weeks looks like that.