Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Helping Women's Refuge in Christchurch

So many of us are looking for something, anything, to do to help our sisters and brothers, our friends, our family, so many of them not known to us at all, our country women and men in Christchurch. Here's something, beyond donating to the official appeals. The Christchurch Women's Refuge is appealing for:

new bedding, nappies, sanitary items, non perishable food for example.

Contact them on

Check out their Facebook page here: Women's Refuge Christchurch Earthquake Response.


Sharon said...

I'm not sure who is running the Facebook page but the Women's Refuge home page says this:

"If you want to donate anything to Women’s Refuge for our houses in Christchurch and the many women and children we help, the most important donation you can give us right now is cash, phone top up, cheques or petrol vouchers." (

This was confirmed by Meteria Turei, who tweeted this afternoon "I called WomensRefugeNational office. Plse donate cash or petrolvouchers via website or dropoff @ courtney place office." (!/metiria)

I know people have the best of intentions, and I deeply admire those who are doing something to help the people of Christchurch but cash is most appropriate- it supports needs-based procurement (organisations and people are best placed to decide exactly what they need and where to get it from - in most cases they should be able to buy it closer to Christchurch), efficient delivery & lower costs (transport from the North to South Islands is usually much more expensive and time consuming), and it provides economic support for Canturbury and South Island businesses.

Demelza said...

I am involved with a group running we will be running a series of auctions via trademe to raise $$$ for the Womens refuge in chch... so this is another way of helping them

V said...

Sadly I find myself unable to support the Women's Refuge, in light of their response to my email enquiring about trans women accessing their services.
When they become fully inclusive of all trans women, regardless of how many years they are post surgery, pre surgery or pre or post hormones, then I will be able to donate to them with a clear conscience.
Until then, I will be donating to fully inclusive organisations (such as Rape Crisis) instead.

To be frank, I don't think they should be allowed to call themselves 'Women's Refuge' when they don't actual offer services to all women.