Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Feminist - Chally Kacelnik

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You’re doing feminism wrong.
You should talk about this. You shouldn’t talk about this.
Not everything can be about your group, you know! Let’s talk about mine.
Let me explain something to you.
I’ve never experienced this so it can’t be.
Respond right now.
I’m leaving.
Get your issues out of my feminism.

This is a short extract from Chally's poem. The whole poem is on-line at Feministe.

Chally Kacelnik, "A Poem for Feministe Commenters", Feministe, 19 March 2011


stargazer said...

wow. that is just brilliant. thank you for sharing it.

Deborah said...

Yes. It cuts all sorts of ways. I've been thinking about it ever since Chally posted it. It has made me pull back from posting various comments over the last few days.

Julie said...

What Anjum said. Seriously, I came to type exactly what she did.

Chally said...

Wow, thanks, you lot! :)