Saturday, 19 March 2011

Next Week, Next Week, Next Week

Everything is going to happen Next Week.  Next Week will be perfect and filled with plenty of time that I can spend on things other than meetings and childcare.  Next Week, always Next Week.

I don't live in Next Week though, I live in This Week.  And This Week is always packed, filled to the brim, with plenty of commitments for family and community.

Being on a Local Board and having two young kids equals awesome.  The chance to have a positive effect on my community, which sorely needs some local institutions that connect people and build our capacity, is a great privilege.  And to be able to raise children who are funny and bright and happy is a wonder too.

To try to keep track of the busy-ness and avoid childcare calamaties I have been using *cough* Outlook *cough* to colour-code my life.  Purple is for Board stuff, Orange for family, Green for my day job (starting two days a week from March 28th, eeek!), Yellow for childcare by others, Mauve for feministy stuff, Light Blue for me time.  The Light Blue has largely been medical appointments so far.  But today I'm getting my haircut!!ZOMG1!!  I feel so decadent. 

Maybe next week could actually be Next Week.  I could meet a fellow feministy mum for a playdate, do some ironing that isn't focused on just the clothes I need to wear in five minutes' time, even read a book for a while with a hot chocolate and some baking I made myself.   Maybe, just maybe, I could even write a blog post that was about more than whining about how I am too damn busy to write blog posts...

Hmmm, maybe that'll have to keep until the Week After That.

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Anonymous said...

Julie, you so eloquently and accruately describe the life of a working mum, well done! Its so nice to have you put into words what I often think.