Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bad news indeed

Found here.

I'm always a bit nervous about calling someone a feminist unless they've chosen to themselves.  And there's always the ol' Fellas Can't Be Feminists argument.  Feel free to indulge on these topics in comments if you so desire.


Moz said...

The "male feminist" thing is tricky. I consider myself a feminist, but I have learned that saying so can quickly derail situations, so I tend not to unless I think it's safe. Yet another closet :)

Realistically, it's not a fight I want to have with most of the people who want it. It's also something that can be confronting to some people who I'd rather not confront. But mostly it's just a fight when I don't feel like it. There are times when I'll jump in boots'n'all and have the argument, just for the joy of it. Or when the irritation factor of the fight is less than putting up with more matronising twaddle. Yes dear, I beleive that women should have the same rights as men, and in this case specifically the right to be called on your sh!t.

I'm prone to calling people feminists when they don't think they are, especially the "I'm not a feminist but" ones. You're not a feminist? Then stop owning property, leaving the house without a chaperone, talking back to your betters, etc etc.

(ok, footnote: "betters" in this case clearly means any man, since as a not-a-ferminist the idea of equality with men is anathema)

Giarne said...

Love this cartoon!

My grandad insists he's a feminist and he's 80 years old and you could reasonably assume he'd be nervous saying so. He's unique tho :)

It is fun to burst people's bubbles when they think that they aren't a feminist just because they think it will be a poisoned chalice rather than a fabulous crown we get to wear!