Friday, 1 April 2011

The Odds & Ends Drawer

In the drawer this week:
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*  Meaning it's news to the media, but actually it's been going on in some centres for at least five years, and there has been some really healthy debate about it amongst ECE teachers for ages.


Tamara said...

Wynd and St John's piece is great, but I made the mistake of reading the comments. The privilege and naivete exhibited are astonishing.

Story of O said...

As usual Lindsay Mitchell,a real informed commentator on welfare in NZ calls Wynd and St John on their selective BS.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Lindsay Mitchell complains that people with actual qualifications to speak to issues around welfare systems and poverty are getting more screen time than her, and decides to pretend that their choice to focus, in a single column, on a specific situation raised by the WWG report somehow constitutes dishonesty.

Fixed It For You.