Sunday, 10 April 2011

Something to go to in Wellington: the Wellington Young Feminists Collective launch party


There's a fantastic group of women in Wellington, the Wellington Young Feminists Collective. They are:
A social group of self-identified feminists who enjoy casually smashing the patriarchy over wine and cheese. All ages and genders welcome. We're a fun bunch.

Check out their Facebook page: Wellington Young Feminists Collective, and their blog: The Wellington Young Feminists Collective.

From their Facebook page:
The Wellington Young Feminists’ Collective has three functions:
- Social – We are first and foremost a social group for feminists.
- Learning – We are a place for feminists to share ideas, knowledge and encourage discussions.
- Activism – We support a variety of activism on feminist issues.

Especially check out their launch party, coming up this Friday, 15 April, at Good Luck, 126 Cuba St, Wellington, starting at 8pm and going until very, very late.


marney said...

This group has been mentioned before on this blog:

Maia said...

So? The Hand Mirror has been advertising feminist events for a very long time. You think because I wrote a post which objected to one style of posting on the WYFC facebook feed that's going to change?

Deborah said...

FTR, I contacted the Wellington Young Feminists Collective to see if they were happy for me to put this post up. I'm delighted to see that the collective has been formed, and I think their aims are great. I only wish that I lived in Wellington so that I could go along to the launch party myself.

Also, as Maia alluded to, it is possible to agree with the aims and a large part of what a group does, but still find some things difficult. This would be my attitude to a fair few political parties in New Zealand, for example.

I do feel a bit sad that the first way I learned of the collective was through the earlier post here, but that's the way things go sometimes, especially in such a loose group as The Hand Mirror. Right now, I'm celebrating the Collective, and I'll be raising a glass to them on Friday night.

Peaches said...

It's really nice to see the Hand Mirror come out in support of such a fantastic group.

Though I've got to say Maia, your original post didn't just object to "one style of posting", it objected to the ideology behind it, the use of 'the' in the name, the venue of their launch, and the whole pretence of a social group that didn’t need to explicitly state why each post on their Facebook group was relevant to feminism. So I find it interesting that now the group clearly has a groundswell of support you’re quick to minimise your original and very confusing beef with it.

Good job Deborah! These ladies are great and The Hand Mirror should have gotten behind them a long time ago.

Julie said...

Thanks Deborah for posting the event, and of course to WYFC for being WYFC with all their feministy energy for justice!

Do people want to go down the path of re-debating (indeed re-re-re-re-debating) a post made six weeks ago in this thread?

Maybe we should just celebrate WYFC's launch instead.

(And please don't think that I'm ignoring what happened - I didn't follow it at the time, but I've spent a lot of time in the last week trying to catch up on it, and I'm doing some thinking, talking to other ppl, etc).

Maia said...

Peaches - I stand by what I said, even though I disagree with your characterisation of it. My point was basically the same as Julie's - my analysis of the WYFC has nothing to do with this post.

yay said...

yay this is really exciting! I hope its just a big dance fest with lots of cool ladies.