Sunday, 15 May 2011

IDAHO T shirt competition at UOA Tuesday 17th

This sounds fantastically awesome. Looking forward to the pics :-)
IDAHO T Shirt Competition at UOA Facebook Event Page:

The 17th May is IDAHO, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Some awesome people down south have started a competition where they ask you to create a T-shirt with a slogan against homophobia and transphobia, take a photo of you wearing said T-shirt on Tuesday and put a photo up on the interwebs to show them

We though we'd join in at Auckland Uni so we'll have a stall set up on Tuesday with Fabric Writing Pens and all you need to do is bring along yourself, a white/pale T-shirt and your brilliant ideas. For those who don't hear about it till the day we'll also have pieces of material that they can decorate and safety pin to their tops.

We will have some small but very awesome prizes on the day.

There is also a screening at the Human Rights Commision organised by Rainbow Youth, UniQ and HRC in the evening.

And there is also the page about the T-shirts. Please do not feed the trolls.
It really warms my heart everytime I see some great new initiative from younger feminists (by which I mean younger than me!) like the stuff Campus Feminist Collective and WYFC are up to.

You can find out more about IDAHO in Aotearoa New Zealand here.

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beyondgender said...

I tried to point out on the FB page and I feel that I should point out here that we are kind of hanging onto others coattails so to speak. The awesome peeps down in Dunedin are the ones who came up with the T-shirt idea and all we're doing is setting up a table with some fabric pens! :-)

We do appreciate the promotion though! It took us a while to organise something because we didn't want to clash with anything like the awesome night that Rainbow Youth and the HRC have organised.