Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Not the next Marie Curie

Found via a friend's Facebook feed, from XKCD


Hugh said...

I wouldn't go near zombie Marie Curie, she's probably still radioactive!

More seriously though I think the reason she's so often held up as a "token lady scientist" is that, unlike all the others mentioned there, she wasn't obscure - she was acclaimed for her achievements but her husband was falsely given equal credit where he was in fact just a lab assistant.*

*I guess he doesn't really deserve the "just", I certainly don't have what it takes to be a lab assistant in a high level physics laboratory.

Cat said...

Just a note that your link to XKCD doesn't work :) you need to link to http://xkcd.com or better to the image - http://xkcd.com/896/ :)

Anonymous said...

I always liked the response to "you are/will be the next XXXX" as being "No, I'm the current me".

Or even "XXX was the previous me".

While we can identify people as our idols or role models, we are all our selves.

Julie said...

Cheers Cat, oops! Off to fix it now :-)