Sunday, 15 May 2011

We are for Scuba (Nurse)

Sometime in the next few hours, technology willing, or days, Scuba Nurse will be joining us with an intro post.  Scube has been writing at her blog Well behaved women rarely make history since July 2010, and she's now agreed to be part of the team here at The Hand Mirror. 

Very excited to have another feminist voice on board (especially someone so staunch on the health issues).  I've known Scube for a really long time in real life and we've shared some formative feminist experiences. I often learn something new, or am prodded to a new way of viewing something old, by reading her posts.

Over the last month or so we've added three new bloggers - anthea, Luddite Journo and now Scuba Nurse.  We hope to bring some other newbies on board in the near future too, as we look to broaden the feminist viewpoints presented here.

I'm really enjoying seeing what anthea and Luddite Journo are writing in this space, and I hope you are too.  Let's see what Scube adds to the mix!


La Ranita said...

Ooh yay! Looking forward to this. Congrats on your new blogging venture Scuba Nurse.

Anonymous said...

Scube - please tell me you actually have that tatt! So freaking cool, whoever has it.

Scuba Nurse said...

oh my goodness I WISH! that is seriously cool.
No tattoos for me.
By the time I get to 85 I will be touring with a freak show as "AMAZING UNTATTOOD WOMAN!".
I got biiiiig plans.