Saturday, 4 June 2011

explosion in onehunga

it's terrible to hear of the accident in a watermain tunnel in onehunga that has claimed lives and injured people. my sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost loved ones.

this is yet another workplace accident, of which we have far too many in nz. the most well-known in recent times being the disaster at the pike river mine, and here is another to add to our shame. you would have thought that the former would have begun a serious conversation about workplace safety in this country, but instead we got waylaid by a PR team that put on a tightly-controlled spectacle, abetted by politicians, which diverted us from basic issues.

i'm sick and tired of the word "bureaucracy" being used in conjunction with health and safety laws. our workers deserve to have safe workplaces, and this means extra cost and extra work, so be it.


James said...

Wow, you win the prize for fastest cynical politicization of a tragic accident, nice one.

Julie said...

Yes James, it is so off topic and unladylike to be thinking about the workers and their families who have been affected by this. /sarcasm

Anjum, I had similar thoughts myself when I saw the news. No one should die at work.

stargazer said...

wow james, caring about workers lives is political? who knew. /sarcasm