Monday, 20 June 2011

Moments from the Wrigglyverse

Wriggly:  Stop the rain!
Me:  I can't stop the rain.
Wriggly:  RAIN STOP!!!!!!
Me:  Did that work?
Wriggly:  No


Wriggly:  I'm going to buy a new TV, oh yeah.
Me:  Why are you going to buy a new TV?
Wriggly:  Because the old TV is old.  And I like LG because I like LG. 
Me:  Why do you like LG?
Wriggly:  Because I like it.
Me: What will you use to buy the new TV?
Wriggly:  I'll go to the TV shop and I'll buy it.
Me:  What will you buy it with?
Wriggly:  Oh I'll get some money, oh yeah.
Me:  How will you get some money?
Me:  How do Mummy and Daddy get money?
Me:  When Daddy goes to the shops with you, how does he buy things?
Wriggly:  He gets some money.
Me:  Where does he get the money from?
Wriggly:  The tramspectrer.
Me:  Can you say that again?
Wriggly:  The tramspectrer.
Me:  Tramspectrer?
Wriggly:  Oh yeah.
Me:  What colour is a tramspectrer?
Wriggly:  Green, yes, because green is my favourite colour.
Me:  Whereabouts have you seen a tramspectrer?
Wriggly:  At the shops, with Daddy.
Me:  Which shop?
Wriggly:  Oh it was only a pretend shop.
Me:  (Silent ARGH!)


Wriggly:  I haven't got any broccoli!
Me:  Would you like some broccoli?
Wriggly:  That's not broccoli! It's not!
Me:  You're right, it's cauliflower.  Here's some broccoli, would you like some broccoli?
Wriggly:  No, not really.


Wriggly is almost three and a half years old.  I've just spent most of four days away from him, for the first time in a very long time.  I missed him, and Snuffly, and I really enjoyed the time away for my partner and I to just be ourselves, not wearing any hats for a couple of days.  He welcomed me back with big smiles, they both did, and a bit of anxiety that he wasn't coming home which was easily soothed.  The three incidents above all happened today, since we met him at his Nana's at lunchtime.  I feel v lucky, every day.


AnneE said...

Cheered me up no end, Julie. All power to your tramspectrer!

Anonymous said...

Even cuter.

Sadly, I don't think wifey and I will have kids. We have left it rather late anyway (44 and 43 respectively).

Still, it gives me a reason (as if I needed one) to keep in touch with my lovely niece so I can see her kids.

Hugh said...

I remember as a child I had tremendous difficulty understanding the concept of money - I didn't get it until I was at least six. And I didn't have ATMs and EFTPOS to deal with.

ehjc said...

There are so many cute kids on the intertubes! So cute!

Scuba Nurse said...

Im impressed how far you will follow him down the crazy rabbit hole that is a kid's brain!
An awesome Mum.

Boganette said...

Actually too cute!

Julie said...

I love the rabbit holes, they are fun. You never know what will come out of them. It's a constant challenge to think of questions that will work for him (and you can see a bit of that in the second conversation) and keep things going, as well as then interpreting the results. As you can see, "tramspectrer" is still a mystery.

Thanks for the feedback :-)

Melimalle said...

My four year old brother tells me I should just go and buy some money from the bank any time I tell him that I can't afford something. They are so adorable at that age =)