Thursday, 23 June 2011

New Delhi Slutwalk

I had known that Slutwalk is an international movement but it made me happy the other day when I saw a friend's comments on Facebook about the Slutwalk he attended in Edinburgh last weekend. Similarly, it is cool to know that plans to hold a Slutwalk in New Delhi has triggered a debate in that community about the status of women in India.

Plans by a group of women to hold a “SlutWalk” in New Delhi to protest sexual violence have triggered a debate on whether the march can change mindsets in India about women’s status in the conservative society... New Delhi protest organizer Umang Sabarwal said Wednesday that the march in the Indian capital would be aimed at shifting blame from the victim to the perpetrators of crimes against women.

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See you Saturday!


NZFemme said...

It was interesting to see that they have renamed the walk 'Besharmi Morcha' (shameless protest)

Reading some of the bloggers from India, they had some quite robust debate over the relevance (or rather irrelevance)of the word slut in an Indian context.

It was great to see they reframed this in a way that works contextually for them.

Katherine said...

I've found my sign for Slutwalk Auckland! Rape Crisis Scotland has some incredible people working there!

Now I just need to buy some printer ink :(