Sunday, 28 August 2011

Quickie: Right to Life NZ appeal, again

Earlier this week Right to Life NZ were granted permission by the Supreme Court to appeal to them on one of the two grounds they applied for, namely around the role of certifying consultants.  The SC denied them an appeal on the issue of the whether or not embryos and fetuses are human beings.   Here's a Stuff article, which focuses on the ground rejected rather than the ground allowed, but is none the less somewhat informative albeit totally unbalanced by failing to get a counter-point to Mr Orr.

Here's a couple of links I've found on the issue, feel free to suggest more pro-choice ones in comments and I'll add them later:
ALRANZ made the point, on Facebook, that Right to Life NZ have been sueing over abortion laws for six years now.  Which just makes the case for pro-choice law reform even stronger imho.

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