Sunday, 7 August 2011

Women's Choice 2011 - this year's Suffrage Eve debate

WHAT: Women's Choice 2011 - The second Suffrage Eve Debate, featuring women , political discussion, and cupcakes

WHEN: Thursday 22nd September 2011, 7pm

WHERE: Lecture Theatre LibB10, under the University Library, University of Auckland, Alfred St, City

WHO: Female candidates from each of the Parliamentary parties giving a short stump speech and then responding to questions from various women's organisations and the floor (see below for more info).  Chaired by Dr Judy McGregor, the EEO Commissioner.

WHO BY:  Organised by the Auckland Women's Centre plus bloggers at The Hand Mirror, and with the graceful assistance of the Campus Feminist Collective of AUSA.

As part of our mission to boost the signal of women in politics, Women's Choice 2011 aims to bring together anyone interested in women's issues and politics to hear from all the Parliamentary parties about their relevant policies.   There may be tea and cupcakes afterwards, along with a chance to mix and mingle.  All are welcome, and a gold coin donation never goes astray to help cover costs.

Confirmed speakers so far are:
And invites have gone to National, Act, Mana, Maori and United Future.  We'll let you know as more confirmations come in.

We are approaching various women's organisations for a written question from each which they can supply ahead of time.  Feel free to suggest organisations for us to approach in comments.  

Please note this is NOT an Auckland Central debate.  We have specifically asked parties not to send their Auckland Central candidates as we want this to focus on women's issues in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Would love to see any Auckland Central candidates in the crowd, of course!

The inaugural Suffrage Eve debate was in 2008.  While intentions to do this annually have been frustrated by Real Life, maybe we'll get around to making that work in 2012...


Lena said...

When I click the link for the FB event it just takes me to my homepage?

Julie said...

Doh! I'd better fix that then :-) Thx!

La Ranita said...

Hi Julie, if you haven't already approached them, I'm sure ALRANZ would be keen to submit a question.

Walton88 said...

Is there any chance of having something like this happening in other centres as well?