Monday, 19 September 2011

Happy Suffrage Day!

Although as AnneE points out some people seem to have neglected to remember what today means, I've been heartened by the tweets and Facebook status updates expressing Happy Suffrage Day sentiments.  Not just from women either.  Take this example from Idiot/Savant marking the day, and also how far we still have to go to achieve fair political representation for women, even here in Aotearoa New Zealand where women have had the vote for 118 years now.

It's also a timely point to thank our readers, and the blogging team, for the community that we all contribute to here.  There have been some tough times since last Suffrage Day, and The Hand Mirroristas still have some work to do on issues identified by readers, so we thank you for your goodwill and feministy comradeness as we work through those behind the scenes.

And if you're in Auckland on Thursday night we would love love love to see you at this year's Suffrage Eve debate - Women's Choice 2011 - 7pm in LibB10, in the basement of the University of Auckland's main library, on Alfred St in the city.  If you do the Facebook thing you can find lots of info here, and if not then there are links to helpful stuff like maps here.  Oh, and since I wrote that last post we now have a fifth candidate confirmed - Sue Bradford speaking for Mana.  Hope to see you there.

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