Saturday, 3 September 2011

Is the National list delayed?

Several months ago, when the Labour list came out, National announced that their party list would be released early September and I'm pretty sure I saw a date somewhere of September 3rd. 

Not a whisper of it today, nor did there seem to be any media, blog or twitter chattering about it being late. 

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the first big quake in Christchurch.  Many may feel it inappropriate to announce it then. 

Monday is a Cabinet day, so Key et al will need to be very careful to keep any announcement separate from the usual post-cabinet media conference.

Tuesday the Pacific Islands Forum begins, in Auckland, continuing until Friday. 

And on Friday the Rugby World Cup commences, and Key has previously said that National will not be campaigning for the duration of the tournament

Cameron Slater has raised concerns about the representation of women in National, and Patrick Gower mentioned it in his report on the National conference in August.

With only 21% of safe National seats featuring a female National candidate the party list is vital to creating a credible looking 2011 caucus. 

Are National having problems drawing up a vaguely diverse list? 


Anonymous said...

Just Saying

Thank you for the work you've put into this. Very much looking forward to reading about the
Greens and Te Mana. (And for a giggle - United Future).

Julie said...

Thanks Just Saying, Nat list now out v v quietly this morning and I've blogged about it here.

Done Greens previously, Te Mana will be v interesting I agree. Recollection from last time around was that there was quite a flurry of lists finalised at the last moment, so may take me a while to get through them at that point, will prioritise UF for you though!