Monday, 5 September 2011

No wet pour

My contribution to the rapidly growing W.C. media frenzy is to make sure you don't miss this quote from the Sunday Star-Times by David Allott, Eden Park Catering's venue manager, explaining why caterers have to serve beer in cans (which can be thrown, and hurt people, unless they're opened first, but caterers are complaining that it'll take too long to do this) rather than plastic cups:

"Eden Park does not have the infrastructure to wet pour beer into the public areas of the stadium."


Julie said...

Good to have that sorted then. I so hate wet pouring in public areas too. ;-)

Brett Dale said...

They have changed their reasons, when this first came out, it said the reason the booze will be in cans is because European tourists dont like drinking out of plastic cups.

All other sports events still have to serve it in plastic cups.

One rule for one sport one for another.