Saturday, 29 October 2011

Quickie: 2010 Abortion stats out

ETA:  Here is the link to the actual 2010 stats, sorry I got a bit confused with the earlier version of this post. Here's ALRANZ's media release on the matter too. /ETA

Many thanks to ALRANZ for putting up online the Abortion Supervisory Committee's report on the 2010 abortion statistics.

I haven't had time to read it properly yet, but a quick scan shows the 2010 abortion ratio was the lowest since 1999.

In my opinion a drop would be good if it meant that more people had control of their fertility in a way that meant they could avoid unwanted pregnancies.  However it is a great worry if the drop is the result of problems with accessing abortion services, either because of logistics or because of societal pressures against abortion.


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Anonymous said...

You're right that the abortion rate is lowest it's been since 1999. Agreed! It's hoped the trend reflects fewer unwanted/unintended pregnancies, not access problems. Just FYI, it's confusing as heck (and we weren't so clear on our site), but just to expand on above, the Abortion Supervisory Committee (ASC) report issued Dec. 2010 linked to above reflects the calendar year 2009 abortion figures. Stats NZ's figures, issued on Friday, are the latest (2010 year) numbers. So, when the ASC's next report comes out in December, it will analyse those 2010 numbers. OK, so now everyone is really confused. Right? -- ALRANZ

Anonymous said...

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